Chakra 5 / Visuddha

Sanskrit Name: Visuddha

Located: Throat

Purpose: Communication & creativity

Issues: Self expression, speaking one’s truth & listening to others’

Element: Sound

Endocrine Gland: Thyroid

Color: Blue

Sense: Hearing

Seed Sound: Ham

Identity: Creative identity

Orientation: Self-expression

Demon: Lies

Rights: Right to speak and be heard

Common Addictions: smoking & exercise high

Physical Issues: TMJ, teeth grinding skin irritations, stiff neck, shoulder pain, stuttering & ADD

Emotional Issues: Shyness, criticism of self and others, low self-esteem & frustration.

Beneficial activities to promote a balanced Throat Chakra: Singing, dancing, drumming, chanting & keeping a journal

Chakra Five The throat chakra is in symbolized by the color blue and connects to the cervical vertebra, the thyroid gland and the throat. This Chakra is about Sound, Vibration and Manifestation.

When this chakra is imbalanced we may physically experience chronic sore throats, mouth and gum ulcers, laryngitis, and throat cancer. Mentally we may experience and inability to express our true feelings, difficulty and making decisions, anxiety, and frustration. Words are very powerful. When we realize the impact our words have on our selves and others, we can use this tool to transform our lives. When this Chakra is in balance we now vibrate the Sounds and Creation. The throat Chakra is where we embrace our creative flow, refine our vibration of sound; mind and mouth, create tools for self expression, and develop a keen ability to honestly speak our truth in order to manifest our dreams, fulfill our desires, and live our life in the Cosmic Flow. . Our Will is focused and we create discipline’s for our Actions, our Thoughts, our Health and our Well Being. Our physical bodies feel really good because we have learned and applied various tools, practices, and philosophies to our everyday lives that make us physically stronger and gives us the ability to project on this earth plane as confident, healthy, individual beings; that are living in the Bliss of their Truth.

Affirmation: I live and speak in my Truth. My words come from my heart with honesty and     integrity.


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